Kortical: The AI Platform

Kortical is a revolutionary A.I. platform that extends the state of the art in AutoML (Automatic Machine Learning) using a proprietary innovation in its approach to cloud scale and A.I.. Kortical creates bespoke A.I. models for a given problem with unmatched speed, results and ease of integration.

Most data-scientists in industry don’t have time to experiment building highly tuned custom deep neural networks, xgboost, etc. to find the best M.L. solution to a given problem. Kortical helps data-scientists get to world class solutions in far less time than it would have taken them to try one machine learning approach outside of Kortical.

A market-proven accelerator

  • Explain every prediction (GDPR)
  • 1-click productionisation. Serve 21 million customers in real-time
  • Competitive advantage. Your data and the models created from it are your IP
  • Cloud based or deployed on-site
  • Get to market faster
  • Deliver more, better A.I. solutions with less talent
  • Reduce risk. Don’t reinvent the wheel
* Most acceleration we’ve seen in a direct in industry two team side by side
** Tested against a wide range of academic and competition datasets

Explaining Kortical

Natasha Kaplinsky (BBC) and Alex Allan (CTO Kortical)

Use cases in a vast number of industries and sectors

At NHS we strive to be leaders in innovation ensuring that patients are receiving the best care that modern technology can provide. As such we are proud to partner with Kortical and their platform to implement cutting edge AI tools to benefit patient care.

Aaron Powell
Chief Digital Officer
NHS Blood & Transplant

You have companies that are racing to build A.I. or they’re going to be made uncompetitive. If your competitor is racing toward A.I. and you don’t, they will crush you.

Elon Musk

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