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ChatGPT is revolutionary, but:

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It makes up incorrect facts which sound convincing

It's the most powerful natural language model and can mimic humans convincingly but it can lie or mislead your customers. For example, a VC Analyst using ChatGPT to create reports on prospect companies, ended up creating a list of fictional firms!

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It can't use your data sources, internal tools or systems

This means it can't access your own data, use your internal tools and knowledge base or do many of the things a human agent takes for granted.

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ChatGPT can’t follow a custom business process

It doesn’t have any knowledge of your internal processes or ability to interact with your systems to complete meaningful work.
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It can't remember your data between conversations

For example, if a customer comes back the next day to your customer service chat, it won’t remember anything about their particular issue and how far they got in solving it.

Meet KorticalChat

A cognitive framework based on ChatGPT (or alternative) that uses your own data sources and is integrated with your tools like Salesforce or Servicenow to create a much more useful and advanced AI chatbot.

AI Assistant Which Can Cite Its Sources

KorticalChat can reference internal and external sources of relevant information, which will be understood and linked to in its reply.

In this example, KorticalChat is powering a customer service chatbot for an energy provider. It has been fine tuned to domain specific knowledge and configured to keep itself updated on the latest announcements regarding energy caps, so it can give informative, correct and reference-able answers to the customer.

If you wish, KorticalChat can be configured not to use any knowledge base outside of the data you give it, to ensure you get correct and useful interactions, a feature that is important for certain delicate use cases.

AI Chatbot for energy customer service linking through to the live energy prices website which ChatGPT cannot do
Custom ChatGPT bot that is not making things up, it is for a bank and staying on process

A Custom AI ChatBot You Can Trust To Stay On-Track

KorticalChat is able to be honest about what it doesn't know, rather than making up false information to answer questions.

On the left is an example of KorticalChat being used as a customer service agent for a bank.

When the customer gives a question we don't want it to answer, it is able to politely refuse and instead restate what it can help you with.

When the customer gives an ambiguous question, it is able to understand the ways it might be able to help given the actions available to it and give some useful suggestions.

Harness The Power Of AI with Custom Data and Tool Use

KorticalChat is smart enough to know when and how to use internal or external tools to enable it to look up customer details or perform actions on your systems, without leaking sensitive data.

Importantly, KorticalChat will automatically remove and replace any sensitive data or Personal Identifiable Information (PII) before sending data from your system to ChatGPT (or other LLM).

In this example, KorticalChat is a customer service agent for an ISP. It is able to access the network status checker, and engineering ticketing system to help it solve a customer's connection problem in the same way a human agent would.

There is no limit to the tools KorticalChat can be trained to use - even if there are no APIs available, KorticalChat is smart enough to use the available systems without needing integration.

An internet service provider's custom AI chatbot linking through to the engineering team
A custom Insurance chatbot following a claims process and asking the right questions to gather the required information

Multi Format Data Input For Seamless Interactions

KorticalChat can read and understand documents of many different formats.

Being able to read documents, from excel spreadsheets to pdf and word documents is crucial for many customer service or internal business process roles.

KorticalChat can read and understand the content in many different document types and can extract the information from them, to use in internal systems.

A Chatbot Guide For Even Complex Processes

Being able to work through a business specific process in the right way is key to doing meaningful work.

KorticalChat can be taught to strictly follow one or more existing business processes to help guide a user through a specific customer journey.

In the example to the right, KorticalChat is helping a user through a complex customer support process for setting up email via the DNS setting on a hosting page.

It can work out where a user has got to and then understand where the issue might be, giving an appropriate suggestion to help solve the issue.

This can be extended to pretty much any process, no matter how complicated.

No More Ground Hog Day Interactions

KorticalChat remembers a user and their context to ensure your customers don't have to repeat themselves on each session.

KorticalChat is able to keep track of users and previous conversations, something which human contact centers aren't currently very good at!

When a user returns, the full context of the previous discussion as well as any relevant information the user might have already sent in is present and available to ensure the conversation can be picked up where it left off.

This removes a serious source of frustration from customer service interactions.

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Start getting ROI from the most sophisticated AI chat assistant, in only 4 steps.

1. Free Custom ChatGPT Proof of Concept

If you have a specific problem which you think KorticalChat can help with, we can show you the power of the AI chatbot via a demonstration. You simply need to explain the use case and give us access to the relevant data and you can see it work live on your problem!

2. Build and Test Custom Chatbot

We work with you and your team to build out the KorticalChat solution in an agile way, creating trust in the system through an array of testing and safeguards. Integrating with the internal systems and tools you need for KorticalChat to be useful.

3. Pilot KorticalChat with Users

Starting with a highly controlled environment, we roll out KorticalChat to small groups of users, with human user oversight initially, as we build your confidence in the technology. We will aim to demonstrate the ROI as rapidly as possible while covering off any risk concerns.

4. KorticalChat in Production + MLOps

We launch your new KorticalChat powered use case. This comes with an MLOps package including monitoring, retraining, continuous integration and continuous deployment so KorticalChat can react to new use cases and training examples, getting more powerful and competent over time

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