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Simply add a link to your website to create your own ChatGPT assistant that becomes an expert on your business. Copy our code snippet to instantly embed it on your website.
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Build an AI helper who's an expert on your company's knowledge in minutes with no coding needed!

Create your own ChatGPT that’s an expert on your business

In just minutes you can create your own KorticalChat chatbot - an AI powered by ChatGPT that knows everything about your company and the products and services you offer. Create a helper on duty around the clock to engage with and delight your customers.

Can operate seamlessly with human-powered chat by swapping in during off-hours

You can have your bot running 24/7 or allow your human agents to pass the torch during certain hours of the day when they are inactive. Your AI helper can be programmed to pop into existence as soon as the human agents log off.

Set up the chatbot and customise it in minutes with no tech skills required

No coding or engineering skills are required to create your bot. Simply choose a website URL, add your agent identity and then paste a small code snippet into your website to create your own bot in minutes.

Reduce costs, improve CSAT and increase conversions overnight

Experience up to an 85% boost in customer satisfaction, a 300% improvement in conversion rate and a reduction in operating costs of up to 95%. Sound to good to be true? Try it today!

How it works

Create your KorticalChat AI chatbot in minutes with just three easy steps..

1. Point KorticalChat at your site

Simply enter the URL of your website. You can also give a list of pages you want to exclude. KorticalChat will then navigate your site and create a chatbot which is an expert in your business.

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2. Create an identity for your Chatbot

Customise your new AI agent to communicate in your brand's voice and tailor the way it interacts with your customers. You can choose one of our predefined personalities or create your own.

3. Paste an HTML code snippet into your site

Simply paste the provided snippet into your site to connect your new AI agent. Your customers will then be able to interact with your new chatbot immediately.

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300 Credits

Free to try out on your own site today!

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Plan highlights

300 free message credits

1 bot identity

Embed on unlimited websites

Basic Support


£50 per month

For getting started and for reasonable volume

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Plan highlights

5,000 message credits/month

5 bot identities

Embed on unlimited websites

Basic support


£199 per month

For professional users with busier sites.

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Plan highlights

30,000 message credits/month

20 bot identities

API Access

Embed on unlimited websites

Priority support


£399 per month

For enterprise users with high traffic sites.

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Plan highlights

100,000 message credits/month

50 bot identities

API Access

Removes "Powered by KorticalChat" watermark

Embed on unlimited websites

Priority support

We also offer a more complex custom chatbot experience, such as script following and tool integration, please click below to get in touch and find out more.
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