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Data Scientist

At Kortical we are on a mission to enable any company to be an AI company by providing world class tooling to enable data scientists to deliver superhuman ML solutions much quicker than than current offerings allow, all fully transparent and editable in code.

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  • Experience level: Mid to Senior
  • Tech stack used: Python, Kortical
  • Compensation: £55,000 - £80,000
  • Employment type: Permanent
  • Remote working: Flexible remote (up to 4 days p/w)
  • Visa sponsorship: No

At Kortical we are on a mission to enable any company to be an AI company by providing world class tooling to enable data scientists to deliver superhuman ML solutions much quicker than than current offerings allow, all fully transparent and editable in code.

The role has two elements to it:

  1. As not every company or department have in-house data scientists, for some clients we build awesome ML solutions for our clients like Deloitte Tax, NHS and Santander using the Kortical platform.
  2. By working with our clients building these awesome ML solutions, we find areas that would make our life better as data scientists and encode those features into the platform, editing features and seeing the result before building a model, monitoring data drift, easy deployment etc...

Across all our projects, we’ve managed to keep a 100% track record of success, improving on the current state of the art in every business we’ve done ML projects for, across a very broad range of industries. To keep this record we’ve created our own agile data-science delivery process and are always actively looking to improve on it. We also focus on cross training each other, so we can all share best practice approaches across a wide range of problems and industries as we solve more problems and we love a challenge.

To be successful in this role you need to be a quick learner, being able to understand new businesses after a brief introduction and see how ML could add value is a regular part of the job. While also being able to bring a broad knowledge of the state of the art in problem solving using AI / ML. The ideal candidate would be a practical data scientist that has experience in solving real world problems with AI.

Ideally you have a consulting background so can navigate different stakeholders easily, enthuse others on the benefit of the project and find new opportunities as they get a deeper understanding of the business.

Skills required:

  • You will have delivered AI/ML solutions that are deployed. Been through the pain of messy data, building features and iterating until a great ML model was created.
  • Have experience on working across different AI/ML problems
  • Strong communication skills
  • Worked with external clients in the past or happy to work with external clients, discussing their data, what the metrics are and presenting the results in a digestible manner
  • Great at self project management, data science is just that, a science but there is a skill to be able to contain the experimentation and focus until meaningful results

In terms of skills we're looking for a candidate with one or more of:

  • Python
  • A flare for visualisations
  • Experience creating custom vector spaces
  • NLP
  • Big data architectures
  • Spark ML
  • Knowledge of novel DNN architectures
  • GANs
  • ML Vision

About Kortical

Just as every company is now a tech company, they will also have to be an AI company to survive. Currently 85% of ML projects fail and we are on a mission to turn that statistic upside down!

Google, AWS, Azure are all essentially a box of tools, and you need a strong multi-skilled team to assemble a fully scalable ML solution. Then there are those platforms that are like ready made family saloon cars, not customisable and not everyone’s first choice of car. At Kortical we believe in having the best of both worlds, a ready made sports car that is fully transparent and customisable.

Our approach is to make a platform that is editable in code and accelerates the creation of ML solutions from years to weeks, all while delivering Superhuman AI results. And big names like the NHS, BT and Deloitte have seen awesome results from using Kortical.

We are a fast growing brand and have been listed as one of the top 20 hottest AI start-ups in the UK by PWC (Oct 21) and have won innovation awards from the FCA and While we are profitable, we are looking to raise another round of funding Q1 2022 to build the team and accelerate our growth faster.


It’s not purely about technical proficiency and we place a big emphasis on team. Pandemic aside, we often go out for a drink together (soft or hard, it is about the conversation), we do team lunches on the company every two weeks and also do quarterly “Mandatory Fun Days” where we vote on an activity and celebrate the successes afterwards. On the softer skills side, the person we’re looking for should:

  • Take pride in producing great work and seeing it through to completion
  • Be approachable and enjoy helping others
  • Enjoy being part of a team doing something cool
  • Have a passion for complex problem solving
  • Believe that the best idea should win and be objective about collaborative design

Company Benefits

  • Medical Insurance
  • Pension
  • Flexi-working
  • Share Options - we want everyone to share in the success of this start-up

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