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Accelerating data science delivery in digital transformation, using AI Cloud

  • Prototyped 7 working ML solutions on real data. Including model building and validation, explainable AI, production ready models, UI and more.
  • All delivered in 6 months using Kortical’s AI Cloud platform
  • Enabled Publicis Sapient to win a large digital transformation pitch


To deliver against tight deadlines for a range of different artificial intelligence (AI) use cases, Publicis Sapient, a digital transformation consultancy, used Kortical’s AI Cloud platform to delight their client with the machine learning results and speed, to win a large digital transformation pitch against players like IBM and Accenture.

A Machine Learning accelerator the likes you have never seen

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Simon James

Group VP of Data Science

Publicis Sapient

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The imperative for change

Exciting and impressing senior stakeholders in a complex and nascent field such AI is a huge challenge, even for expert consultants like Sapient. A big part of this is that the nature of machine learning is experimental, hard to explain and often involves novel applications never tried before. It's easy to see the difficulty of communicating the value of AI when compared to traditional digital transformation initiatives that are often a UI driven app, where you can map out the solution on a whiteboard in a day.

Their ambition was to work in 2 week sprints to show machine learning (ML) model results and then another 2 weeks to evaluate the potential business outcomes. Using traditional ML methods it would have been impossible to create effective and explainable models with provable business impact, in such a tight timeframe.

How AI Cloud helped in digital transformation

Sapient knew they had the in-house talent to deliver exciting results, they wanted an accelerator in the form of an ML platform that could assist their data scientists to deliver the ML elements quickly, and found Kortical’s AI Cloud platform, already set-up with cloud infrastructure ready to go, both for training and deployment, the best AI technology to meet their needs.

They delivered Natural language processing, time series forecasting and deep learning algorithms all with Kortical's AI cloud platform and the breath of AI solutions that the data scientists delivered in that short time frame, showcased the new business models that the clients could take advantage of should they go ahead with the full digital transformation strategy.

Being able to build the ML models on the client's own data enabled the team to demonstrate the true impact of a successful digital transformation on their business value and get the leaders excited about how this new digital technology could positively impact business processes.



Without hiring more data scientists and keeping the timelines short Publicis Sapient were able to deliver...

With 2 Data Scientists

7 Machine Learning prototypes - in a range of use cases

In 6 months - over 100% increase in speed

They won the multi-million £ digital transformation project

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