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Explore data like a Kaggle grandmaster

Automated Data Preparation for Machine Learning and More

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    Use hundreds of machine learning models to derive deep data insights

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    Tells you which columns are useful and not useful

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    Creates beautiful charts and reports

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    Cleans your data however large

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    Download a machine learning ready dataset in minutes

Kortical platform's Data Prep feature preview

Automating Exploratory Data Analysis

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Understand how complete your data is

Instant view of missing values and data dominance in each column.

Zoomable charts and works for large datasets.

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Ranks the features in order of importance

Using 1000’s of ML models to to highlight which features are key and which are less important.

A novel approach to exploring data (read more here).

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Indicative ML model scores

Kortical lets you know the machine learning approach to take and the likely shape of the scores when the full ML build has taken place.

This helps by highlighting any weak areas of the data in advance.

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Taking Exploratory Data Analysis To The Next Level

Text insights - Understanding which words are the most important for the target is a really insightful view which we have built into the feature importances view.

Kortical platform showing screensht of text insights example

Time series - Getting a view of the target over time is a key chart for time series problems and quickly helps you make conclusions about how good this data is for machine learning.

Kortical platform showing screenshot of time series example

Data Prep - Easily save a dataset with the actions you choose to take, like deleting columns with lots of missing values or those with no value to the target.

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