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Innovator International Increases Market Share with AI Customer Support Chatbot

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Customer service automation using the KorticalChat no code AI Chatbot platform

  • Trained an AI chatbot on Innovator International’s knowledge base using KorticalChat’s RAG
  • Using Chat gpt 3.5 for speed so the AI chatbot is able to accurately and instantly reply to customers
  • Added custom responses in the platform to frequently asked questions that were not well provided for in the knowledge base
  • The KorticalChat chatbot is saving the team hours everyday responding to requests for more information or support
  • The impact of the AI chatbot is a significant increase in quality applications
  • Win for customers and a win for Innovator International

In today's fast-paced business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve customer engagement and streamline their operations. In this case study, we explore how Innovator International, one of the UK Home Office's endorsing bodies that helps international entrepreneurs relocate to the UK, has revolutionised their customer support and increased market share by implementing a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot on their website.

Hear it directly from Richard Harrison, the Director of Innovator International, as he shares his experience and the impact the AI chatbot has had on their business in this video testimonial.

The Challenge: Customer Support is Time Consuming and Repetitive

As a company that helps entrepreneurs navigate the complex process of relocating to the UK, Innovator International found themselves inundated with inquiries from prospective clients. The visa application process can be daunting, with strict requirements and extensive documentation, leading to confusion and uncertainty among entrepreneurs. This, in turn, prompted them to reach out to Innovator International for guidance and clarification.

When an entrepreneur wants to come to the UK, there are quite strict rules for this Visa route and of course when you see the guidelines for the rules, they're all often written in large documents. There's a lot of information in there and it's very difficult to process. There are rules that don't jump out of the guidelines.

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Responding to these inquiries proved to be a time-consuming effort. With around 100 applications and 20 to 30 emails per day, the staff at Innovator International found themselves constantly fielding questions about eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application process itself. Although many of these questions were repetitive, each one required a careful, personalised response to ensure that the entrepreneur received accurate and helpful information.

The volume of inquiries made it challenging for the team to provide timely responses to every entrepreneur. Delays in communication could lead to frustration and anxiety among prospective clients, who were often working under tight deadlines to submit their applications. Moreover, the time spent answering these repetitive questions was detracting from other crucial tasks, such as processing applications and providing more in-depth support to clients with complex cases.

We wanted something that sort of mimics a person and gave realistic answers as quickly as possible without the need to wait an hour two hours or even days for an email.

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The Solution: Implementing a Custom AI Chatbot on their website

Recognising the need to streamline their customer support process, Innovator International sought an innovative solution that would align with their company's forward-thinking approach. KorticalChat, a ChatGPT-like chatbot that mimics human conversation, proved to be the perfect fit.

"In all honesty, when you first contacted me, you sent me a demo and it's very very hard to get my attention. This got my attention immediately and I was straight on the phone to my business partner and our IT guy saying we need this, we absolutely need this in our lives.”

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The chatbot was seamlessly integrated into Innovator International's website, allowing entrepreneurs to ask questions in whatever way they wanted and receive instant, accurate answers to their questions without the need to wait for hours or days for an email response.

The Outcome: Major Time Saving and Increased Conversions from AI Engagement

Key Benefit 1: Time-Saving

By addressing common enquiries, the AI chatbot has significantly reduced the number of emails Innovator International receives daily. This has allowed their staff to focus on more complex issues and provide personalised responses where needed.

"It saves us so much time! There are two amazing things about it. The first thing is it answers questions quickly and efficiently. If it doesn't quite give the answer, it's quite easy to tinker and tailor to make sure it does give the right answer."

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Key Benefit 2: Increased conversion rates

Despite the reduction in emails, Innovator International has seen a notable increase in client engagement and the number of applications. This has led to a larger market share and improved conversion rates from their website.

"Our market share has increased. One of the big metrics for me is staff time answering emails. We now don't have to take as long going through the emails because most of the questions are answered, but we can see from the metrics behind the chat that we're actually getting more enquiries, not less,"

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Key Benefit 3: Engages Multiple Users Instantly, in Different Languages, 24/7

Unlike human support staff, who can only respond to one enquiry at a time, the chatbot can engage with multiple users concurrently, ensuring that every entrepreneur receives prompt assistance.

Moreover, the AI chatbot is available 24/7, providing instant support to entrepreneurs regardless of their location or time zone. The chatbot's multilingual capabilities are also particularly valuable for Innovator International, as they work with clients from all over the world.

“What really got me was the ability to, especially for our customer base, to ask a question in a different language and have it answered in a different language”

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Key Benefit 4: Chat Insights and Continuous Improvement

One of the significant advantages of implementing an AI chatbot on your website is the valuable insights it provides into customer needs and preferences. By analysing the questions and topics that users frequently enquire about, Innovator International can better understand what information entrepreneurs are seeking and identify areas where they can improve their services or communication.

These insights allow Innovator International to make data-driven decisions and prioritise the development of resources that address the most common concerns and questions. For example, if the chatbot receives a high volume of enquiries about a specific aspect of the visa application process, Innovator International can create targeted content or guides to better support entrepreneurs in that area.

"In addition, if there's a question it can't answer or things that you should seek advice on, we get sent an email and the email says this was the conversation. It even turns the conversation into an AI-driven script that says 'Hi, you have had an email from this person, this is what they wanted, and this is the exact script of what was said.' So we can look at the conversation, look at exactly what they wanted, answer the questions through email. The beautiful thing is we can then add that back into our library so the next person who asks the question, it's answered. In terms of time-saving for us, it's absolutely phenomenal. It's a game-changer!"

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Implementation Process: Easy Set-up and Ongoing Support

Setting up the AI Chatbot Brain: Prompt and Knowledge Base

Integrating KorticalChat into Innovator International's website was a straightforward process. The first step was to have an initial call to understand the purpose of the AI chatbot so the KorticalChat team could set up the chatbot brain – prompts and model to use.

For the custom knowledge base the AI chatbot could use to retrieve information from, Innovator International chose a mix of their website pages and PDF documents. Adding the data was simple and straightforward, requiring only the website URL and the PDFs from Innovator International. KorticalChat does the heavy lifting; simply add the URL on the KorticalChat platform, and it trawls all the pages associated with the domain, extracting relevant information to build the chatbot's knowledge base.

Customise Theme and Style to Align with Branding

Next, the team customised the chatbot's appearance to align with Innovator International's branding. They adjusted the colour scheme to match the brand colours, added the company logo, and tailored the welcome message. Innovator International opted not to have the chatbot open immediately upon entering the site, so a pop-up message was set up and easily edited within the KorticalChat platform.

Before deploying the chatbot, the team thoroughly tested it to ensure it provided accurate and relevant responses. They previewed how the chatbot would look and function on the Innovator International website and tested its responses to a range of common questions typically received by the customer support team.

Whenever the AI chatbot's responses did not meet expectations, the team easily modified the prompts and corrected inaccuracies by updating the FAQ section of the chatbot brain within the KorticalChat platform. This iterative process significantly improved the relevance and accuracy of the chatbot's responses.

Deploying the AI Chatbot

Once the team at Innovator International was satisfied with the AI chatbot's performance and responses, deploying it to their website was a breeze. There’s a short snippet of code in the KorticalChat platform, which was easily copied and pasted into the Innovator International website. Within minutes, the custom AI chatbot was live and ready to engage with visitors.

Throughout the implementation process, the KorticalChat team worked closely with Innovator International, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful integration of the AI chatbot into their website.

Managing the Accuracy of AI Chatbot responses

To ensure that the chatbot's responses remain both high-quality and accurate, the Innovator International team relies on the insights page of the KorticalChat platform. This page provides a detailed overview of the chat history, including statistics on the total number of conversations, user engagement, average conversation duration, and automation success rate. By leveraging this feature, the team can effectively monitor the queries being posed to the chatbot and identify any instances where it might be missing information or providing incorrect responses.

Whenever the team discovers an inaccurate or missing response, they can easily refine the chatbot's knowledge base within the FAQ section of the KorticalChat platform.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the process, the KorticalChat team is readily available to provide ongoing support and guidance, working closely with Innovator International to maintain optimal chatbot performance and deliver the best possible user experience.

"We've had support from you through the whole process. We've got ongoing support from you to tinker and tailor it, even to the point where we wanted to change the sentiment in the language, you do it for us, you do it immediately, straight away. It's easy for us to maintain what we've got, and if we want help from you, we ask, and we get it very quickly, efficiently,"

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Case Study Summary

By embracing AI technology and implementing KorticalChat's custom chatbot, Innovator International has positioned itself as a leader in the business services industry. The chatbot's ability to provide instant, accurate responses to common enquiries has improved customer engagement and conversions leading to increased market share. It also allowed the company to save lots of time and scale its operations without compromising on the quality of support.

Try Your AI Chatbot

"You won't believe how good AI chat can be until you've actually tried it in the context of your own business."

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For UK-based businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and streamline their operations, Innovator International's success story serves as an inspiring example. As the demand for efficient, personalised customer support continues to grow, AI agents are set to become an essential tool for businesses across various industries.

If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of an AI chatbot for your business, why not give KorticalChat a try? Sign up for a free trial today and discover how a custom AI chatbot can revolutionise your customer support, increase conversion rates, and provide valuable insights for your business.

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